Day 3 – Tuesday – Singapore

Our bodies are now on Singapore time. We woke at a normal time and had a leisurely morning, chatting to more visitors over breakfast and heading off to further explore the city. We retraced some steps, avoiding getting off the bus initially because we were trying to avoid some light rain. Rain. Remember that? It’s been so refreshing to be rained on.

Our first stop was back at Suntec City Shopping Centre where Lachlan and I left the girls and went to have a look at Raffles while the girls shopped. We had already decided we didn’t need an overpriced Singapore Sling or high tea, so a quick look was sufficient.

When we returned we had a good look around the shopping centre, although calling it a shopping centre is an injustice. It was a city. Apart from the usual array of shops there were child care centres, karaoke bars, a recording studio, music lesson centres and all manner of other things.

I think this building was 2 dimensional.

We then headed by bus to Kampong Glam Muslim / Middle eastern / Malaysian area and Haji Lane, where we had a late lunch of, you guessed it, Mexican food and a few happy hour drinks. This was a highlight of the trip so far. Great atmosphere and plenty of people watching. We then experienced a rain storm the likes of which I haven’t seen in years. We had more rain in an hour than I’ve seen in the last three years combined. It was torrential and it just kept coming.

When the rain eased enough for us to leave we returned to the hostel, regrouped and wandered the streets of Chinatown, having a dinner of cheap street food and finally back to bed.

5 thoughts on “Day 3 – Tuesday – Singapore

  1. Hi Carol and Colin
    Sounds like your all having a wonderful time. Without Facebook I would have never of found you.
    Thinking of you in the bushfires at this terrible time and instead found you at this site enjoying life on the other side of the world. I’m in Wollongong now.
    Have fun and stay safe x

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