Day 12 – Thursday – Goa, India

We arrived in Goa before we woke up, into a very tight harbour. It will be interesting to see how they get the ship out of here. The port is about an hour’s drive from the town. We did a half day tour into Goa’s Latin Quarter, Panjin with 16th century churches (Bom Jesus, St Francis, the big white one (Catherine?), which might be the basilica, and The Immaculate conception in town) and lovely Portuguese houses, most of which are now guest houses and B&B’s mostly serving the domestic Indian tourist market. The bus driver was a bit crazy, but we managed to get back to the boat in one piece.  Indian immigration is ridiculous. We spoke to one woman whose husband can’t leave the boat in India because his passport doesn’t have a page available to stamp. Getting on and off the boat is very strict – I guess they don’t want relatively rich westerners to seek asylum in India!

Back on board we skipped the usual music trivia and headed for the level 10 rear deck bar for a drink as we departed Goa. We also skipped the show (a classical pianist) in favour of waiting for the late-night show, a circ de sole style song, dance and acrobatic show.

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