Day 9 – Monday – Columbo Sri Lanka

We got adventurous and decided to tackle Columla on our own. We walked into the old town, decided it was going to be too hard to find anything, so grabbed a pair of Tuk Tuks which gave us the full tour over the next 4 hours. The red mosque, old pettah district, a tower which was a temple (where we missed the no shoes sign so our tuk tuk driver bolted after us), lotus tower, hindu temple, independence square, prime ministers resident, dutch hospital (our one and only wifi spot), cobras and monkeys on the lake side, Drinks in the Asylum Hotel with its paid toilet (but we had no cash so the tuk tuk driver paid)

Back on board the night show was a magician, who was pretty weak. A kid in the audience yelled out “Do some real magic”.

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