Day 13 – Battambang

Another long day in the bus, but with some fantastic stops along the way and after we arrived in Battombang (pronounced Battambong). First stop was a floating village. Access was via a dirt road that probably gets washed away every wet season, and appeared to never get repaired. Upon arriving near the lake we jumped on a boat and toured the village, complete with a police station, a health centre, shops, mechanics workshops and houses.

Typical house

Back on shore dad priced a motor, shaft and propeller – the type used on the Thai style longboats. It was only $300 for the whole 18hp setup. Pity it wouldn’t fit in the luggage.

We then continued on for lunch, arriving in Battambang late afternoon. The town is in the midst of a full blown festival, with street stalls, music, dragon boat races, and a fantastic atmosphere.

After a short break we headed out to the ‘bamboo train’. Having no idea what to expect, it was still a surprise. Very unusual and lots of fun. The photos tell the story.

We then headed off for dinner in a local home, then back to the hotel for a quick drink and bed – with the festival thumping below us.

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