Day 11 – Phnom Penh

Most of the day was spent on the bus driving from Saigin to Phnom Penh. After crossing the border (I think my first ever land border crossing?) into Cambodia the differences between the two countries were immediately obvious. Cambodia has a much lower rural population density, has a lot more plastic litter, worse roads, fewer motor bikes, but an interesting twist – motorbikes with trailers, articulated like a semi-trailer, sometimes carrying huge loads.

After arrival we did a Mekong River cruise (with $2.50 cocktails – $US dollars are generally accepted here), then dinner where I had the Amok- the traditional dish of Cambodia – somewhat like and indian curry but not spicy and very lemon grassy. Yum.

We then wandered home, stopping at another bar along the way. Seems like the new group will (mostly) bond quite well.

New to the group is Jen and Carmen from Canada, Joe from Australia and Donna and Robert from Gosford – who know some of the same people dad knows. From the Vietnam group is Niahm, Peter, Debbie, Bigitte, Dad and I.

Our group leader Sotheavy

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