Day 4 – Wednesday – Hue

The train continued through the morning passing through rice fields with people ploughing with water buffalo, thick jungle in places and small villages.

We arrived in Hue (pronounced whey, when whey is pronounced properly with the ‘h’ sound) late morning. Our rooms weren’t ready at the Gold Hotel, so the group headed off to Mr Cu’s Mandarin Café for Brunch. Mr Cu is a semi professional photographer, displaying and selling his work. Dad bought a photo of a river scene.

After that we checked in, freshened up then headed off on our tour of the city citadel. By now it was seriously hot – about 40 degrees and about 80% humidity. The group was fading as we got the far-too-long explanation of every detail of the walled city and every emperor that had ever lived there. Dinner was at a family run restaurant with traditional Hue food. Messy finger food, but yum.

Getting an early night tonight after not much sleep last night on the noisy train, and the hot, humid day.

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