Day 5 – Hue

Motor bike tour day! After breakfast we were straight out and about on our motor bike tour of Hue and surrounds. Each of the 15 of us in the group drew a set of keys from a helmet to sort out who would ride on which bikes. With everybody organised we headed off through crazy traffic. We were quickly out of the town and riding down narrow lanes, through banana plantations and farmland. Throughout the day we had stops at temples and pagodas, markets and craft shops where incense was being made, museums and markets. Lunch was a vegan affair at a monastery. Really nice food! It didn’t take long before everybody relaxed and enjoyed the bikes – crazy as the traffic may be. Dad made some friends at a local market, handing out Australian flag stickers to some kids.

Aluminium boat made from fuel tanks left behind after the war.
Duck dinner.

After we returned to the hotel we arranged an informal gathering at the rooftop bar in the hotel – whoever turned up turned up – and as it happened 11 out the 15 of us were there. After a few drinks we headed off to find dinner. We asked the concierge in the hotel for a recommendation, which he promptly gave us, only to find when we arrive that it was place we’d eaten at the night before. We quickly found another place where the staff spoke as much English as we spoke Vietnamese, so you imagine the chaos as we ordered. Eventually we ate something, but followed up with an ice cream at Baskin and Robbins. After a short walk back to the hotel and a detour to find a Channel hand bag at a small market near the hotel, we settled in for a relatively early night before our departure to Hoi An.

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